Fresh local flavors take priority at Aqua.

Fresh local flavors take priority at Aqua. We believe dining should be both memorable and fun. Executive Chef Jon McGregor and Chef de Cuisine Hannah Minter are proud to use local seafood, meats and produce wherever possible. Including: Blue Ocean Seafood, Merrell Farms, Jaimies’s Mushroom Farm, Harlowe Custom Micro Greens, Early Girl Gardens.

Based on the traditional Spanish idea, our small, snack size plates of food, meant to be passed around, appetizer style. Tapas items are able to be enjoyed in a just a few bites and are perfect for exploring new flavors.

Small Plates
Larger than tapas, Aqua’s small plates enable diners to experience different kinds of flavors without feeling overfull.

Big Plates
The size of a typical entree, and the perfect size for one — not that they can’t be shared as well!

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